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Welcome to the Shooter Recipes Guide

Here you will find popular and simple to make shooters from around the world.

There are probably as many shooter recipes as there are cocktail recipes. Shooters and cocktails are synonymous - you will come across thousands of shooters and cocktails on the internet.

Cocktail shooters (or "shooters") with sweet and/or creamy liqueurs generally taste better than shooters with just spirits. But the sweet stuff is generally not as strong.

So, are you in for the taste or the buzz?

Cocktail Mixing Master generally prefers the sweet and creamy stuff to the strong stuff, but this depends on the situation. See our Favorite Shooters page for our favorites (click on the link below).

Cocktail Mixing Master makes the job of finding the most popular and, more importantly, simple to make shooters easy for you. Simply click on the links below to go to shooter recipes shown:






(Click here to go to our Cocktail Recipe Guide)

Like cocktails, shooters can be shaken, stirred or blended. They can also be poured or layered. Layering involves pouring ingredients on top of one another over a bar spoon so that they don’t mix with one another. Here is a picture of how a shooter’s three ingredients are layered.


This is a common technique used in mixing shooters. It might be slightly challenging at first. So, expect a flop or two before perfecting it. Using a pourer on the bottle makes it much easier.

As a rule of thumb, spirits with a higher alcohol content have a lower consistency and tend to float on top of those with a lower alcohol content. Therefore the stronger ingredients tend to go into the glass last.

This is not always true though, as some liqueurs – like cream liqueur - tend to be thicker and heavier without having a very high alcohol content. In most countries, the alcohol content of the drink is printed on the bottle’s label. A good shot recipe will tell you the order in which to layer.

Shooters are often consumed to celebrate. They also do wonders to get a party going. But a word of caution: they have a tendency to creep up on you. So, don’t overdo it. (Click here for our Hangover Cures Guide. Remember prevention is better than cure.)

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