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Welcome to the Perfect Cocktail Party Guide

Here you will find all the information you need to organize the perfect cocktail party, simple and easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE:This Perfect Cocktail Party Guide is mostly written in the context of a social gathering for friends and family. However, the advice and tips given here can easily be used in the context of corporate and other more formal functions.

You have the bar stools and tables ready for the party. The music and the decorations are all set. You are now ready for your cocktail party.

Organizing a cocktail party for the first, or second or tenth time, may seem like an intimidating task. However, with a few tips and pointers, it’s much easier than you imagine. Cocktail Mixing Master shows you the way to organizing the perfect cocktail party.

When organizing a party, the first thing to do is to do is planning. In our Cocktail Party Planner Guide we look at the basics you need to establish before anything else. This includes things like the :

Ø Occasion
Ø Date and time of the party
Ø Venue
Ø Guest list
Ø Food and drinks to serve
Ø Budget

Also check out this book on party planning for more great ideas.

Next you will decide if you want to go with a specific theme or not. In our Cocktail Party Theme and Idea Guide we give you tips on interesting themes, for example a Christmas Cocktail Party. Here we also look into different decorations you can use.

The cocktail party invitations are of course important as this gives your guests the first taste (pardon the pun) of the party. See our Cocktail Party Invitations Guide for great ideas.

What is a party without food? Click here for great ideas on cocktail party food. We also look at how much food you need for the party.

As important as the food, are the drinks! Apart from cocktails, you want to have a range of other beverages available for your guests as well. Our Cocktail Party Drinks Guide looks at drinks other than cocktails that you can offer.

Setting the right atmosphere is vital, and how better to do it than with the right music. The music will usually be on the lighter side. A live band is a nice touch, but not always practical or affordable. See our Cocktail Party Music Guide for tips on the right music for your party.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the party, whether you are hosting it or only attending. If you are hosting the party, your aim is to make it as enjoyable as possible for your guests.

Here are some more useful resources:

Theme Party Queen
Theme Party has great party ideas. Invitation, decoration, menu and recipe suggestions specifically for each party theme and a host of other useful tips and product recommendations

Easy Party Ideas and Games
Easy Party Ideas and has tips and tricks to make your party planning easy, including many themes, games, and much, much more.

Go to The Party Planning Guide for simple and easy appetizer recipes and ideas for the perfect cocktail party.

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