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A word on cocktail mixing from Master Barman Jerry Thomas (1862) -

"Thoroughly amalgamating all the compounds so that the taste of neither the bitter, the sweet, the spirit, nor the element, shall be perceptible one over the other is the grand secret ... only to be acquired by practice."

Welcome to Cocktail Mixing Master. This is mixology and bartending made easy so that you can become a master behind the bar. We provide well-researched information and first-hand contributions and opinions by bartenders from around the world.

As with most things, the more you know about it the better you are at doing it. The same goes for mixology. If you really want to become a master behind the bar, read up as much as you can and apply your knowledge.

Remember, the more you enjoy yourself as the bartender, the more your clients and friends will enjoy you and your drinks.

Whether you are a leisure home bartender looking to expand your knowledge or a professional looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Cocktail Mixing Master is about more than just mixology - we bring you a wide variety drink recipes and useful information about many things related to drinks.

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See our Bartending Guide to discover all about …

Ø Stocking your bar. Find out what spirits, liqueurs and other ingredients you need in a well-stocked bar.

Ø What cocktail bar equipment you need. The well-equiped bar has everything from cocktail shakers to bar spoons and optics.

Ø What cocktail glasses you need. There are many types of glasses you can use - find out which ones are used for which cocktails. We also look at their typical volumes.

Ø Mixing the perfect cocktail. Master the art of mixology.

Plus …

Ø Free cocktails and shooter recipes - go to our Cocktail and Shooters Recipe Guides.

Ø We specialise in smoothie recipes too. Check out our smoothie recipes guide for delicious breakfast, fruit, healthy, protein and low carb smoothies.

Ø Planning a cocktail party? Check out our Cocktail Party section for great ideas on themes, food, entertainment, music and a handy cocktail party planner.

Ø If you want to get a home bar or if you have one but need inspiration to beef it up, be sure to visit our Home Bar Guide. Here we share great ideas on home bar design, decorations and themes, furniture and building a home bar.

This site is updated frequently, so check in every so often to get the latest information or sign up for the Cocktail Mixing Master Blog (click the "CMM Blog" button in the NavBar on the left).

Here is a list of recommended reading (click on the links to get the book from

The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes

The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

Bartending For Dummies (For Dummies)

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Below is a table of contents for Cocktail Mixing Master's main information topics. (Be sure to visit our Site Map for links to all the pages on the site):

The Bartending Guide - Vital knowledge for the bartender
The Bartending Guide. Vital stock, ingredients, equipment, glassware, cocktail mixing methods and tips.
Cocktail Recipes Guide – Your guide to the world's most popular cocktail recipes
This is your definitive cocktail recipes guide to the world's most popular cocktails. We bring you easy cocktails and shooters. Visit our list of brandy, rum, vodka, whiskey and tequila cocktails.
The Shooter Recipes Guide from Cocktail Mixing Master
The Shooter Recipes Guide – Your guide to popular and simple to make shooters from Cocktail Mixing Master.
The Perfect Cocktail Party - Your guide to organizing the perfect cocktail party
The Cocktail Party Guide - Your definitive guide to organizing and hosting the perfect cocktail party. Read all about cocktail party planning, themes & invitations. Also cocktail party food & drinks.
Home Bar Guide from Cocktail Mixing Master
Great ideas and advice on home bar design and construction, decorations and themes, furniture and building a home bar
Opening a bar – Your guide making the right choices
Opening a bar can be a daunting venture. Cocktail Mixing Master helps you make the right choices by providing tips and potential hurdles to look out for. through the whole process.
Easy Bar Tricks from Cocktail Mixing Master
Amuse them! Easy bar tricks to amuse friends and family.
Bar Jokes - Cocktail Mixing Master’s Best Bar Jokes Collection
A collection of the best bar jokes in the world from Cocktail Mixing Master.
Cocktail History - An article about the origin of cocktails
An article about cocktail history
Smoothie Recipes from Cocktail Mixing Master
This is the definitive guide to the most popular smoothie recipes from around the globe.
Become world famous - Submit your own recipe
Become world famous by submitting a cocktail recipe and save money while doing it. We will feature it in our cocktail guide and new book "The world's favorite cocktails and shooters".
The Cocktail Mixing Master Blog
The Cocktail Mixing Master Blog guarantees you stay updated with the latest additions to the site. Receive the latest information on cocktail mixing, cocktail parties, home bars and bartending tips.
Contact Cocktail Mixing Master
Contact Cocktail Mixing Master - Here you can submit feedback and comments
Cocktail Mixing Master's Site Map
Cocktail Mixing Master’s Site Map. Links to all the pages on the site to help you navigate easily.
Cocktail Mixing Master Barstore
Make online shopping for bartending equipment a breeze in Cocktail Mixing Master's Barstore
Contribute to Cocktail Mixing
Would you like to share your knowledge about cocktail mixing? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.