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Welcome to Cocktail Mixing Master’s Smoothie Recipes guide

Here you will Cocktail Mixing Master’s favorite and most popular smoothie recipes


OK, this is a cocktail mixing site, but we also specialize in great smoothie recipes.

We know that we need to eat about 4 fruits everyday to help us stay healthy and in shape. The problem is, we do not always have the time or will to eat fruit. Smoothies are great for healthy eating to help get in the essential fruits we need to remain healthy and in shape.

Our smoothie recipes are full of fruit and other healthy ingredients. They are also easy to make and basically requires only a smoothie maker or blender.

From this page you can browse through free smoothie recipes for:

Ø Breakfast smoothies

Ø Fruit smoothies

Ø Healthy smoothies

Ø Protein smoothies

Ø Low Carb smoothies

Check out or juice recipes guide for ideas on making juices. Although you need a juicer for this, juices are usually more simple to make than smoothies and provide a great way of getting in fruit in large quantities.

We also have a page featuring the most delicious milkshake recipes! The main difference between milkshakes and smoothies are the principle ingredients – ice cream for milkshakes and fruit for smoothies.

Are you looking for a smoothie maker? Check out our Smoothie Maker Guide for reviews on smoothie makers and how to get the most out of your blender.

Feel free to send us your favorite smoothie recipes with us by clicking here. We welcome your contributions.

There is a basic formula for making smoothies. Once you know this, you will be able to make any smoothie with virtually any (smoothie) ingredients.

Ø Start with the liquid, which is usually fruit juice, milk or soy milk. Each serving requires about 250ml / 10 Oz. / 1 cup.

Ø Then add fruit. This can be fresh or frozen. Make frozen fruit by keeping fresh fruit in the freezer overnight. Make sure to chop up the fruit before putting it in the smoothie maker or blender. 1 or 2 fruits is enough for a serving. Now you have the cornerstone ingredients for any smoothie and it is actually enough to make your smoothie with.

Ø You can add yogurt, ice cream or sorbet as well.

Ø When making a breakfast smoothie, add muesli, granola or oatmeal.

Ø If you want more protein in your smoothie, add an egg or whey powder.

Ø Often, smoothies without yogurt or ice cream will get a few ice cubes to chill it and make it less thick.

Ø All the ingredients go into the smoothie maker, liquids first and solids last, and get blended until smooth.

With this in mind, you can experiment and create wonderful smoothies.

Here are some useful tips on making smoothies to make them as good and tasty as possible:

Ø Use fresh fruit and other ingredients as far as you can. The fresher the ingredients, the better the smoothie tastes.

Ø Add less liquid, like fruit juice and ice, and more fruit and solid ingredients like yogurt if you want to the smoothie to be thicker.

Ø Add more liquid and less solid ingredients if you want it thinner (more runny) or blend it for longer

Ø Cut fruit and other solid ingredients into small pieces – about 2.5cm by 2.5cm / 1” by 1” - before blending it.

Ø Put the liquids into the blender first so that they lie at the bottom and the solid ingredients thereafter.

Ø Remember some smoothies may not be completely smooth due to nuts or other fibre-rich ingredients.

Ø When the smoothie recipes requires ice to be added, we suggest you use crushed ice in order to preserve the blades of your smoothie blender for longer.

Ø Some smoothies may separate if it stands for a while. It is generally best to drink your smoothie right after blending it.

Ø Never blend dry ingredients like nuts and spices only – make sure there are wet ingredients like fruit or juice as well before blending.

Ø Do not run the blender when it is empty – you might damage the motor.

Ø Do not store anything in the blender when not in use

Ø Do not overfill the blender and make sure the lid is secure before turning it on.

Ø Do not run the smoothie maker for more than 60 seconds at a time. Let it cool down for a minute or two before using it again.

Ø Make sure to clean the blender properly after use and clean it shortly after you used it – this will ensure a longer life for your blender

Ø Make sure you read and understand the instruction manual of any blender before using it.

Happy smoooooothing!

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