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Welcome to our Easy Bar Tricks Guide

Amuze your friends with these easy to learn bar tricks

A bar trick is quite simply a trick, stunt, or setup that can be performed anytime, anywhere using commonly found items. They can range from the deceptively simple to the ingeniously complex, yet all are safe, fun, and very easy to perform. Anyone aged 5 to 105 can learn do these!

Bar tricks are aimed at amusing and entertaining friends and clients. However, like cocktail mixing and just about anything else, you need to practice them to become good. So, before you do any trick in front of an audience, practice it until you perfect it. Ask someone – friend, partner, brother/sister - to judge you once you think you can do it well.

Here are some easy bar tricks carefully selected by Cocktail Mixing Master:


You need:
15 matches

The trick:
Start with the 15 matches on the table. Each player has to take turns removing either 1 or 2 matches. The person who picks up the last match loses.

How it works:
The secret to this bar trick is to leave your opponent with 12 matches after the first cycle - for example if he takes 1 you take 2 – leave him with 8 after the second cycle and 4 after the third. After that if he takes 1 you take 2 or if he takes 2 you take 1 and win.

In reality you can start with any number of matches as long as after the first round your victim ends up with a multiple of 4 and after that you subtract the number of matches he takes from three and remove the difference for example if he takes 2 you take 1.


You need:
3 dice

The trick:
Without you looking, let someone roll the 3 dice and add the numbers together. Let the person pick up one dice and add the number at the bottom to the total. Let them roll the same dice and add the number to the previous total. Turn around and say the final total.

How it works:
Add the total of the three dice as they lie now together and add 7. That’s the answer. It should always work because the total of any two sides of a dice is 7 of course. In the routine above, the roller effectively adds the two sides (7) of the die being rolled thrice to the total as the dice lies at the end.


You need:
A cigarette

The trick:
Sit at a table or bar with a cigarette lying horizontally in front of you. Put our thumb behind the cigarette on the side opposite to you, with your thumb pointing towards you. Without touching the cigarette slowly pull your thumb away from you and the cigarette. The cigarette rolls towards your thumb as you pull is away slowly.

How it works:
This bar trick is best performed with your audience standing around or behind you. Prepare by rubbing your hands vigorously and bending your head over the cigarette slightly as to state and concentrate on it. Continue to rub your hands vigorously/

Put your thumb behind the cigarette and pull it away. Nothing happens. Do this a few times and say something like “It does not want to work. Maybe it’s the wrong brand of cigarette.” Now put your thumb behind it again and hang over the cigarette as to really concentrate.

Once you start pulling your thumb away, softly blow on the cigarette from a slight angle so that it starts rolling. You should not blow to hard but hard enough that it rolls towards your thumb at roughly the same pace as you pull it away. Make sure nobody notive you blowing.

Don’t do this more than once or twice, as you might be caught out.

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