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Welcome to the Home Bar Furniture Guide

This guide aims to give you some direction when shopping for home bar furniture, for both a new and existing bar.

Your home bar furniture needs to comfortable because the home bar is a place for relaxation. At the same time it needs to fit in with the design and home bar theme and decorations. Click here to go to our Home Bar Decorations and Theme Guide.

Therefore, if you are in the process of designing a new home bar, you need to look at the options available for furniture throughout the process to ensure you allow enough space for the furniture (e.g. a pool table) and that there is furniture available (within your budget!) to fit in with the design and theme (if you chose a theme).

If you have an existing bar and need new furniture, you should already have a good idea what to look for.

We suggest that you buy good quality furniture if you can at all afford it. Bar furniture often need to handle rougher treatment that other furniture and therefore need to be of good quality.


The first item you need is bar stools (or bar chairs). It is crucial that the height of your bar stool is consistent with the height of your bar for the bar to be at a comfortable height when sitting on the stool. The top of the seat of the stool should be roughly between 40cm (16 inches) and 45cm (20 inches) lower than the top of the bar counter when measured from the ground.

Make sure the height of the stool is right before purchasing it. If you struggle to find stools of the right height, look out for manufacturers of furniture – they will usually be able to make you stools to the height you require and not necessarily at ridiculous prices.

There are many various of bar stools made from wood, metal and plastic, with hard and sort seats, with or without back and arm rests. Some swivel and others are fixed. We find that bar stools with soft seats and back rests are the most comfortable.


Other seating options range from normal wooden, leather or fabric upholstered chairs and couches to bean bags and ottomans. Again your choice will depend on the design and style or your bar, your available space and budget.

Bean bags and ottomans tend to take less space and can be moved around and stored more easily. Ottomans can double up as tables as well.


A cocktail table with chairs fitting neatly underneath is another good choice if you need to save on space. Cocktail tables also come in many varieties with varying sizes, heights and finishes.

You get wooden cocktail tables, iron cocktail tables, acrylic cocktail tables, marble top cocktail tables, glass top cocktail tables and much more. Then you get also get them in lift top varieties. These are functional if you want to use it as dining tables.

The important things to bear in mind is durability and practicality – remember glass table tops look nice, but they are a nightmare to keep clean and may easily break if not of superior quality.


A pool or snooker table is a really nice item to have in your home bar if you have space. It makes for great entertainment if you and your friends like the game.

You need about 1.4 m (60”) clear space from any edge of the table to ensure comfortable shooting with the cue. So, if you for example go for an 8-foot size pool table, of which the slate dimensions are 2.4m x 1.3m (95" x 51") your room should be at least 5.2m x 4.0m 16'8"m x13'1". Bigger is of course better.

Look out for pool tables that have solid covers so that when covered, doubles as a dining table. This is a great option if you want to have both a pool and dining table in your bar.

Similarly, some pool tables can double as table tennis tables.


Other furniture you might consider include:

Ø Dart boards - the official throwing distance is 2.37 m (93”), so bear this in mind when considering where you want to put the dart board.

Ø Foosball tables

Ø Coin-op video games

Ø Slot machines

Ø Poker/Black Jack/Roulette tables

For your outdoor bar, you will be looking at patio or outdoor furniture and furniture that can withstand the elements. A nice item for an outdoor bar in winter is a gas patio heater.

Again, whatever you decide to buy, we recommend you take out the extra cents and buy home bar furniture of good quality. Don’t buy in a hurry – do your research thoroughly and buy right the first time. You can even wait to buy, use your bar for a few months and get a clear idea of what you require.

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