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Welcome to the Dice Drinking Games Guide

Cocktail Mixing Master has traveled around the world to bring you the best in classic and popular dice drinking games

There are many dice drinking games, probably second most played after card drinking games

Dice games are played with both normal and poker dice. You also get dice designed to be used specifically for drinking games.

Here is a selection of popular dice drinking games:


There is a card drinking game version of this which is more fun.

Number of players: 3 or more

Poker dice. 5 of any other dice if you don’t have poker dice, then
1 = 10
2 = Jack
3 = Queen
4 = King
5 = Ace
6 = Joker

How to play:
The first player throws the dice into his hand, without the other players seeing what he threw. He then announces what he has e.g. two pairs, 3 of a kind, full house, etc. Any player can challenge this by saying “Bullshit”. If he is right, the player holding the dice drinks. If not, the player who challenged it drinks.

Of course, more than one player can challenge it. If they are wrong, each has to drink. Decide upfront how much the dice roller will drink in such a case if the dispute is successful.

There is card dinking game version of this – see the See the Card Drinking Games Guide.


Number of players: 2 or more

1 die, table or counter.

How to play:
Call what number you are going to roll (1 to 6). Divide the higher of the number called and the number rolled by the lower one.

For example, if you say you are going to roll a 1 and you roll a 6 you take six drinks (6 / 1 = 6). If you say you are going to roll a 6 and roll a one then again you take six drinks.

When the two numbers do not divide then the default drink is one. You drink when you do not correctly guess the rolled number, but when you do correctly guess the number, you can nominate that amount of drinks to anyone.


Number of players: 3 or more

2 dice, table or counter.

How to play:
All the players roll the dice until someone roll a 3. He is now “Three Man”. The dice is now rolled by each person going clock’s wise around the table. Each number rolled has the following result:

- 3: The Three Man drinks. If Three Man rolls this then he may pass the title to anyone he chooses.

- 5 or 7: Person to the right of the roller drinks

- 6 or 9: Person across from the roller drinks

- 8 or 11: Everyone drinks

- 10: Person to the left of the roller drinks

- Dice off table: Roller drinks

- Any doubles: When someone rolls double they give the dice to someone of their choosing. This person rolls the dice and must drink for that many seconds. The dice may be given to two people instead of giving both to just one person. The roller retains his turn.

At any time during the game anybody except the roller can tell Three Man to drink.

The dice is only passed if 4 is rolled.


This dice drinking game was submitted by Callum Rogers. Thanks Callum and please, no riding that Kawa after playing this game.

Number of players: 3 or more

1 die, 6 lowball glasses.

How to play:
Line up empty glasses in a row. Each glass is represented by a number on the dice; i.e. 1-6.

Player A starts by throwing the dice. Whatever the number thrown on the dice is the number of the glass to pour his drink of choice in. (E.g. Player A throws the number 6. Seeing as the glasses are all empty, he will pour some of his drink into glass number 6. [Baring in mind that Player A now has the choice of how much he pours into glass number 6]).

Player B will now throws the dice. He will then proceed to pour his drink of choice into the respective glass. Should Player B throw the number 6, he will have to down the drink already in glass 6. Should any player land on a glass which already has liquid in it, he will have to drink the liquid in the glass and throw again. The player will continue to throw until such time as he pours some of his drink into an empty glass after throwing it's respective number on the dice.

TIP 1: Should it be your turn to throw the dice and all 6 glasses are full... Murphy will probably make sure you empty at least 5 of those glasses before you end up putting liquid in instead of taking it out... So prepare yourself!

TIP 2: Do not think you can drive home after playing this game... I'll be impressed if you can still see your car let alone drive it. ENJOY!!!

Check in regularly as we expand and update the dice drinking games often.

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