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Welcome to the Card Drinking Games Guide

Cocktail Mixing Master has traveled around the world to bring you the best in classic and popular card drinking games

Card drinking games are probably the most popular and common of all drinking games involve playing cards as they are so versatile, easy to play with and familiar to most people.

Most non-drinking games like Poker, can be converted into drinking games by adding a drink-rule or two. For example instead of bidding with chips, bid with shots or chips and shots. The winner of the round can then nominate who has to drink all the shots won (and the winner of course keeps the chips).

What’s more, the drinking game rules explained here and elsewhere are guides. Make up your own rules as you play to make play more interesting and fun.

Here are some card drinking games carefully tested and selected by Cocktail Mixing Master:


Big fun! One of the more popular casrd drinking games.

Number of players:
3 or more

One deck of cards for every 4 players

How to play:
The first hand is used to determine everyone's rank during the following hands. Deal out all the cards. The person to the left of the dealer starts off. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

When starting you can lay down any card or cards with the same face value. The person following you must lay down a card of equal or greater value. They must also use the same amount of cards as you did. If you lay down two 9's then they would have to lay down two of something equal or greater. If the player lays down the same card as the previous player then the next player is skipped and must drink. Also if you can't play any of your cards than you must skip and drink. Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played.

Play continues like this until all the cards have been played. After the first hand is when the fun really begins. There is a ranking system which is as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Asshole. Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, etc... For the following rounds, anyone who ranks higher then you can tell you to drink whenever they want to.

Special Rules:
The Asshole must always deal and clear the cards. Also the Asshole must give the two best cards in their hand to the President. The President gives the two worst cards in their hand to the Asshole. If the President remains President for three consecutive rounds they can create rules (see the Drinking Games Guide for suggestions.) If these rules are broken then the offender must drink.


Number of players: 3 or more

One deck of cards for every 4 players

How to play:
Hand out 15 cards for each player and put the remaining cards face down on the table, turning the top card face-up and putting it next to the pile of cards. Play goes in any direction.

The first player puts down a card on top of the face-up card, matching it either by the number (e.g. a 5 on a 5) of suit (e.g. spades, so a 5 of spades can be placed on any other number of spades, for example a Jack of spades). If you can’t play, you pick up a card from the face down pile and play moves to the next player.

The object of the game is to play out all your cards. You can play more than one card at a time, for example play out all the 5’s you have at once. The player has to state the number of cards he plays.

Now, you can illegitimately put down more than one card in a neat stack. For example, stack a 5 of spades neatly on top of a 4 of hearts (invisible to other players) onto the face up pile which has a 5 of hearts on top. So, you pretend to put down a pile of 5’s.

Any player can challenge this by saying ’Bullshit’. If he is right, the player who played the cards drinks. If not, the player who challenged it drinks. In addition, the player that drinks has to pick up all the face up cards except the top one.

Of course, more than one player can challenge it. If they are wrong, each has to drink. Decide upfront how much the dice roller will drink in such a case if the dispute is successful.

There is dice dinking game version of this – see the See the Dice Drinking Games Guide.


There are numerous variations on this game. Use this as a guide – the guideline here can very be changed to suit your liking.

Number of players: 3 or more

A deck of cards

How to play:
Spread the cards face-down on the table. Draw cards in clockwise order. Drinks are determined by what gets picked up:

- Ace - Social - He who draws it proposes a toast and everyone drinks.

- 2 to 6 - Black (Clubs & Spades) – take the card's value in drinks.

- 2 to 6 - Red (Hearts & Diamonds) – Nominate the card's value in drinks. The total may be split-up between multiple players.

- 7 - Waterfall – Everybody begins to guzzle. You can't stop until the person to your right has stopped. He who draws may stop first. - 8 - Master of Thumbs – the rule maker puts his thumb on the table first, usually discretely and whenever they want. Other players need to do the same and the last player to do so has to drink. The loser then becomes the new “Master of Thumbs” and can start the ritual again at any time.

- 9 - Rhyme - He who draws says a sentence. The person to his left must rhyme with the last word in the original sentence. This continues in clockwise order. Rhyming words may not be repeated. If you repeat a word or can't think of one, you drink.

- 10 - Category - He/she who draws thinks of a category, like "Simpsons Characters." Then, he/she says one, like "Homer." Then, the person to his/her left must think of another one, like "Bart." This continues in clockwise order. If you repeat an item or can't think of one, you drink.

- Jack - Guys drink - A toast is often included.

- Queen - Ladies drink - A toast is often included.

- King - He/she who draws the first, second and third king pours some of his/her drink into a large cup and comes up with a rule that must be obeyed for the rest of the game. Drawing the fourth king marks the end of the game.

Variations to the above include:

Questions - You look at the person of your choice and ask them a question, they must answer your question with a question and it keeps going until someone screws up. Ex. What is going on? Why do you touch yourself? You don't have to question the person who questioned you either. Make sure to make eye contact.


I never. This is where the person who flipped the card says something they have never done and anyone who has must drink.

Check in regularly as we expand and update the card drinking games often.

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