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This guide aims to give you some direction when shopping for bar stools, for both a new and existing bar. Also see our home bar furniture guide for further tips and advice.

Bar stools are an integral part of your bar as this is where your guest will relax. They therefore need to be comfortable. Bar stools with a back and arm rest and usually the most comfortable. Also, it is advisable for your bar stools to have a soft, upholstered seat to prevent the back sides from becoming sore after a while.

It is crucial that the height of your bar stool is consistent with the height of your bar for the bar to be at a comfortable height when sitting on the stool. The top of the seat of the stool should roughly be between 40cm (16 inches) and 45cm (20 inches) lower than the top of the bar counter when measured from the ground.

Make sure the height of the stool is right before purchasing it. If you struggle to find stools of the right height, look out for manufacturers of furniture – they will usually be able to make you stools to the height you require and not necessarily at ridiculous prices.

There are many various of bar stools made from wood, metal and plastic, with hard and sort seats, with or without back and arm rests. Some swivel and others are fixed. As noted above, we find that bar stools with soft seats and back rests are the most comfortable.

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