Something to mull

by Mary

I don't know about you, but on a cold winter's evening, I pine for a log fire, snuggle blanket, and a good book or film (sometimes my hubby, mood depending!).

I remember feeling rather ill, with the common cold. I felt so cold even my insides felt cold! While looking for soup recipes, I found an intriguing little recipe, that stated it would “warm my cockles”.

I hadn't heard that phrase since I was a child on the beach with my Mum. But as the phrase caught my eye, I read on...

Red Wine
Cinnamon Stick
Lemon peel

...these were the ingredients. I had not heard of Grenadine, didn't often have cinnamon sticks, so I got a little down hearted and carried on looking for soup.

The next day, I felt worse.

So I dragged myself to the shops, to see if I could “warm my cockles”. Following the instructions to the letter, I made the mixture in my slow cooker, as it said this needs to simmer then be kept warm.

At this point, I'll just tell you I am not a lover of whisky (usually can't stand the smell!).

The last ingredient to go in... yup the Whisky.

I left this warming up, and disappeared for a bath. About half an hour later, there was a slightly warm spicy smell floating up to the bathroom. Nice enough to rouse me from the bath and investigate...

...heading downstairs I was like the “bisto kid”, with my nose in the air following the smell. (I was amazed I could smell it, due to the cold).

With the ladle ready for action, I stirred the mixture and served myself a cup.

WOW! It was fantastic. It really did feel like I was warming myself from the inside out.

So now, I enjoy being in on a cold winter's evening, with a log fire, snuggle blanket, a good book or film, and a hot toddy! (Sometimes my hubby, mood depending, this doesn't seem to change! LOL!).

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